Newhaven is a 24hr staffed Supported Housing Scheme funded through Supporting People & the Northern Trust.

Newhaven was Inspire’s first ever Housing Scheme. The journey began in 1981 when 4 residents moved into shared rooms following discharge from hospital. The name Newhaven was chosen as the new residents saw the house as a new beginning and a haven for them. The service has developed and evolved over the years and today it provides 24 hours support for 6 residents.

Newhaven Supported Housing Scheme will:

•    Work towards reducing the stigma felt by those with mental health needs.
•    Ensure our services are as integrated and as invisible as possible.
•    Newhaven’s ethos focuses on the recovery model promoting person centred care & client independence thus creating a lifestyle that is right for them.

Below is some of the following areas of support that are offered at Newhaven:

•    Support with general finance management and budgeting. Advice and guidance on debt and arrears. Advocacy Service available
•    Support and guidance on diet, food preparation and meal planning. Nutritional advice and information provided.
•    Support and encouragement to address personal hygiene. This may include prompting to maintain personal presentation.
•    Support with management of medication. This may include administration and ordering of medication.
•    Support and encouragement with household tasks, laundry and general housekeeping, which adds structure to daily activities.
•    We support Residents to develop good daily routines and structure by encouraging them to engage in the local community as much as possible. We achieve this by promoting   attendance at courses of interest at SW College, a variety of voluntary work placements, activities at the Leisure Centre and the local Inspire Wellbeing Centre.
•    Within Newhaven we encourage family involvement in each Residents care and support. Throughout the year we organise social events such as BBQ’s, Vintage Tea Party, Pampering evenings and information sessions. 

All support and care is provided in accordance with the Human Rights Act 1998.

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