104 University Street

104 University Street is the first funded Forensic Scheme, sourced by the Trust, to open in Northern Ireland and provides an exciting opportunity whereby staff offer a range of community based support services to tenants with forensic mental health in a communal environment.

The new staff team of 104 have had the opportunity to get to know each other through completing an intensive training programme in December 2016 in preparation for the scheme opening in April 2017. So far the staff have been involved in all aspects of setting up this brand new scheme as well as working alongside the tenants to support them in the next step of their recovery journey.

Our staff team believe in supporting our tenant’s on their personal recovery journey, rather than perceiving ‘success’ as a particular destination or goal. The overall objective is that they will learn the necessary life skills needed to live a fulfilling and meaningful life in the community, which will provide them with hope for the future and direct them towards more independent living.

We are delighted that this opportunity has become a reality as a result of the support provided by the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. It is a first step in providing community based forensic mental health support services to this niche group of individuals. Our aspirations for the future is that this service not only continues to meet the needs of the tenant’s at 104, but expands to support those we cannot facilitate at present. 

How to Contact Us

Email:  104@inspirewellbeing.org

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