The Rosses Testimonial

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to say how much living at the Rosses meets my needs and has enhanced my quality of life. The staff support is great when I require assistance, and there are a broad range of activities including bingo, cooked breakfast and dinners. There’s a movie outing once a month and reading room session arranged by the staff and Libraries NI once a week which I love.

I have made great friends here at The Rosses and we visit each other this helps reduce loneliness. There are days when my disability leaves me very tired it's great to have staff assisting with practical things like topping up meter, things people take for granted.  The utility bills here are very manageable especially since gas heating was installed in the scheme earlier this year.

Overall The Rosses is a great place to live, Phyllis and the staff are a great team and I hope to have a long tenure here.

I moved to The Rosses as my previous home was in a bad state of repair and I was having ongoing problems with my landlord, having suffered strokes in the past I was having huge difficulties trying to keep healthy. Staff at my local CAB put me in contact with The Rosses and from the minute I set foot inside the door I knew I wanted to live there. The staff were so welcoming and provided all the information I needed. The Rosses is a great place to live, there’s always plenty to do and the staff are always available if you need to chat with them, and you know that whatever you talk to them about is in confidence.
I feel safe and secure in my home not just because of the lock on my door, but because I know I have people there who will support me. My family have noticed a positive change in me since I moved to the Rosses and they are over the moon with the support I get. I’m supported to attend appointments and to get on with my life. And when I think back to how I was before I moved there I just don’t know where I would be now if I hadn’t moved. My health was suffering because of the environment I was living and the stress of having to deal with my landlord over the state of the accommodation was overwhelming.

"Since moving to The Rosses, I have found the place to be brilliant. I was lonely before I moved here, and now I'm not, as there's always someone to talk to here. You couldn't ask for a better service (than Beacon Support Services)"

"I feel much safer since moving here to The Rosses from England last year. I feel a lot happier in myself since this. I feel the pace of life here is a lot calmer, which benefits my mental health and helps me to de-stress. I am very happy with the service Beacon Support Services and couldn’t be happier with them."


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