Daisyhill Court

Daisyhill Court Supported Housing Scheme is managed by Inspire Mental Health Services, a division of the Inspire Group, providing accommodation within the community for older people and people with mental health needs.

The scheme, based in West Belfast, is a two storey building offering accommodation to a total of 37 people within self-contained one bedroom flats and a two bedroom, two person bungalow.  This scheme runs in conjunction with Choice Housing Association and The Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

This support service enables service users to live independently and privately in their own accommodation within a safe, friendly and supportive environment. Daisyhill Court Supported Housing Scheme provides housing support and promotes social inclusion by providing a safe homely environment in which people are supported to develop their life skills and maintain their tenancies. 

Staff encourage a social milieu which provides support, friendliness, care privacy and independence.

The goal is to enhance the quality of live and to promote, maintain and/or improve the following

  • Self-care

  • Daily living skills

  • Social inclusion

  • Daily routines

  • Personal safety and security

  • Physical health and emotional well-being

  • Community integration and good neighbour relations

  • Access to relevant and appropriate services

  • Participation in planning, implementation and review of individual support packages

Group activities may include:

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Chair based activity

  • Basic computer skills

  • Health Checks

  • Lifestyle information

  • Seasonal Celebrations


Service Users participate in an individualised assessment of their support needs and agree a package of support, in accordance with the Inspire Wellbeing Social Care Model.  Support Plans are regularly reviewed and updated in conjunction with the service users.  All Service Users have a named keyworker and Co-Keyworker

Daisyhill does not provide care related activities such as personal care, managing service users' monies or administration of medication.

How to Contact Us:

Email:  Daisyhill@inspirewellbeing.org

Daisyhill Court has a dedicated staff team who are on duty Monday to Thursday 8.00am - 4.00pm.  On call arrangements are in place for service users with Fold Telecare outside of Inspire staffing hours.

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