Support Services

Inspire Support Services works in partnership with Sheltered Housing Schemes which provide accommodation for people with physical or mental health needs or older people. Inspire Support Services offers flexible and responsive social care to enhance the quality of life of individuals living in the schemes. This assists tenants in maintaining their tenancies with environmental benefits.

Our Support Services

  • Quality of Life

Inspire Support Services offers an additional unique ‘Quality of Life’ support service tailored to meet the needs of tenants living within the scheme. Along with group and social activities, experienced and skilled social care staff provide individual support including:  


- Assistance with daily living and domestic skills such as shopping, budgeting and household management;
- Contact with other professionals;
- Transport and assistance with GP and hospital appointments;
- Verbal and written communication and correspondence;
- Information on claiming benefits and welfare rights advice;
- A befriending service. 

  • Interface Between Housing and Social Care

Inspire’s experience in social care
Working with the community
Working with statutory bodies
Helping co-ordinate various services
Partnership working
Balancing the demands of social care and housing provision
Value base of Inspire

  • Environmental Benefits of Sheltered Housing

Safe and Secure
Peer Support
Security of Tenure

  • Flexible Hours of Cover

Evening Support / Activities
Weekend Support / Activities
Responding to Need Emergency Helpline

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