Self-Harm Intervention Programme (SHIP)

The Self-Harm Intervention Programme - SHIP is a short-term counselling service for those who engage in self-harming behaviour. The programme offers a separate service for family or carers of individuals who self-harm.

The Public Health Agency has commissioned this service throughout all Health and Social Care Trusts within Northern Ireland. Inspire Mental Health Services deliver SHIP within the Southern Health and Social Care Trust and South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust.

SHIP aims to support the individual who self-harms, prevent or minimise repetition of self-harm, prevent deaths by suicide and help family / carers cope with the issue of self-harm. 
The programme is available for individuals who have self-harmed, but do not require ongoing support by mental health services in their local Health and Social Care Trust. Prior to an individual being referred to SHIP they are assessed to ensure the service is appropriate for them.

Individuals aged eighteen and above are referred to SHIP through mental health professionals within the Trust. Young people aged eleven to seventeen are referred to SHIP through the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team (CAMHS).

All clients who avail of SHIP receive a minimum of five counselling sessions.  This one to one psychological intervention will be tailored to individual needs which could include problem solving, psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapy.  This also includes promoting positive coping skills / strategies.

Family and Carers can avail of a total of three support sessions, which includes promoting an understanding of self-harm. The session also explores how best to support the person who self-harms and the family member or carer will be provided with advice on self-care, coping skills and promoting/protecting the mental health of the wider family network. As necessary, the family or carer will be signposted to other services in the local area that best meets their needs.

Family and Carers can self-refer to SHIP for one support session by contacting 07553384331. This line is available Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm (excluding public holidays). Please note these lines are for families/carers only. People who self-harm must be referred by a mental health professional.

For further information regarding SHIP within the Southern and South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust please contact:
If you require information regarding SHIP in other Health and Social Care Trust areas please contact the appropriate number below:

Health and Social Care Trust Area SHIP Provider and Contact Number:

Belfast                                   Holy Trinity Counselling              077 361 56518    

Northern & Western            Zest                                                  02871 266 999

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