Scraboview Testimonial

My name is Susan, I first came to Scraboview in 2004. At this time in my life I had little or no self-esteem. I was dealing with a lot of family issues and my mental health was pretty bad. I was suffering with acute anxiety.

I had experienced other services and did not benefit from these but coming to Scraboview was welcoming from day one.

I was a member of the centre for years and joined in as many groups as possible. It was great to make friends and I didn’t feel alone.

Over time I built my confidence and decided I wanted to give something back so I became a member volunteer for a short period but soon expressed an interest in becoming a service volunteer.

Fast forward 8 years and how my life has changed. I returned to college and achieved three qualifications and I am currently working towards my fourth. With a view to one day going back to paid employment. That would be the icing on the cake!

At Scraboview I am involved in various roles which include group planning, group facilitation, helping with food preparation and cash handling.

Scraboview has given me my life back, I am the best I have ever been. The team have supported me to come full circle and they feel like my second family.



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