North East Testimonial

I joined the Community Wellbeing Service, with thanks to my Social Worker and Support Worker who introduced me and to who I am very thankful to as I have found the service has privileged me by giving me 'a life' and new friends, people who care, who listen, who support me, who are like me and those who I do not need to feel ashamed to be around. I am an individual who is restricted in life due to my health. I enjoy being involved in three groups, my favourite being the Young People's Group on a Friday in which I can 'be me' and have fun, go down town, go out to cafe’s, and play mini golf etc.

I have been supported in a positive and generous way by several members of staff during my Beacon membership of three years. This included facilitating my using the train again. Later I was encouraged to attend courses on Facilitation, Advocacy, WRAP, WRAP Facilitation and a variety of Recovery College courses. I have been a Volunteer Advocate for the last year. I have co-facilitated the WRAP course twice and am starting my third co-facilitation of WRAP tomorrow. The range of social, practical and intellectual activities in the Beacon courses available here has been key to the management of my mental health.

I have been coming here a short time this year, but it’s very friendly, no! pressure! whatsoever!  I get more confident when I can make something crafty. I got referred here for reflexology and it has helped me a lot. I have mental health problems.

I am involved in the Monday, Tuesday and Friday groups of the service.  An opportunity to meet new friends and 'open up' to take daily life of my shoulders. For someone with a disability and ongoing health problems, with daily restrictions, the service for me has been an amazing help, both the people and the programme.

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