Market Street

Market Street Community Wellbeing Service provides a range of constructive services designed to promote positive mental health and facilitates recovery for up to 16 members per day, Monday to Friday.

The centre is located in the heart of Magherafelt, with close access to shopping and cafes. There is a large craft and recreational room complete with pool table, and kitchen and dining facilities. The centre also leases an allotment in a local village.

Members are referred to the centre by the local Community Mental Health Team and then engage with staff to identify relevant programmes and activities that support their involvement within the centre and within the wider community where applicable.

A typical day in Market Street Centre will involve a nice cup of tea or coffee on arrival and an opportunity to participate in a range of activities that will be on the notice board in the scheme, and will have been discussed with previously to see if they are of interest.

Service User Involvement/Activities

A person centred approach to our work will involve members in the day to day operation of the centre and in the design of future programmes that focus on issues and themes relevant to recovery from mental ill health.

Examples of the programmes on offer include skills development and practice, college courses and other in-house courses, recreational courses, some of which are member and/or volunteer led, and leisure activities.

We also support members on a one to one basis where relevant and focus on developing strengths and abilities to manage recovery, this year we have introduced Wrap Planning a wellness recovery action plan that enables the member to look at their recovery and how they manage a crisis.

Activities & Programmes available through Market Street Day Support:

•    Arts and Crafts
•    Wrap Planning
•    Keeping myself safe training
•    Yoga and relaxation
•    Creative Crafts
•    Card Making
•    Creative Writing
•    Basic Food Hygiene
•    First Aid Awareness
•    Recreational activities including pool and Wii games
•    Laptop and Ipad
•    One-to-one Support
•    Clerical Support
•    Environmental Support
•    Good Company
•    WRAP Planning
•    Upcycling
•    Horticulture at Allotment
•    Cinema Group
•    Outreach Trips
•    Awareness Raising Events
•    Peer Advocacy Awareness Training
•    Confidence Building Sessions
•    Cookery Class
•    Tuesday Night Group
•    Men's Group
•    One-to-one Community Support

Events and activities that took place at the centre over the last year include:

• Annual Live & Learn event

• Hope workshops June-Sept for members to encourage them to produce work for the Hope project which was held in Magherafelt
   Library on World Mental health day 10th October last year. Members produced amazing pieces of work both for the Hope Project &
   the Live & Learn Event. Displays were created to show case this work
• Events to raise awareness throughout the year included giving a talk to teenagers on positive well-being and ways in which they can
   tend to their mental health.
• Members have enjoyed the introduction of several new sessions including Doll making and Keeping myself safe

How to Find Us:

Market Street
2a Market Street
BT45 6ED
Tel:      02879 632984






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