Aspen Testimonial

Aspen has helped me for about 10 to 11 years, meeting people is good for my mental health, could not do without it. 

Coming to aspen has helped me to improve my confidence and social skills. I have met friends with similar issues and interests 

Aspen has changed my life and gave me positivity and confidence. It gives me a purpose to my days. I have made good friends and I have learned new skills in managing my anxiety and relaxation. 

Thanks to the help and support from Staff and Members of Aspen the quality of my life has greatly improved.  I have learned new skills to cope and manage my illness, met new friends who are supportive.

I have also earned qualifications such as Advocacy Skills, Art, Sign Language, First aid which have all helped to increase my confidence.  Before attending Aspen I had no social life, never leaving the house, but thanks to the social sessions and day trips I have gained new social skills.

Before I started attending Aspen I did not think I had a life, or at least a life worth living, but now I have a social life, new supportive friends, learned new skills, feel proud to help others when they need support, have a purpose in life.  Without Aspen I honestly do not know where I would be now.

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