Aspen is an Inspire Community Wellbeing Service: A community based resource which offers an exciting and dynamic service to clients with mental health needs.

We aim to help individuals work on their needs through a wide range of therapeutic groups using the recovery principles.

There are many aspects to our service such as groups, opportunity to increase socialisation and get involved.

Inspire believes that Social Care is an essential public service that provides day-to-day care and support where needed, to enable people to live full and active lives. We believe that high levels of emotional, psychological and social wellbeing are essential components of flourishing mental health.

“During my time at Aspen I have gained a lot of experience at the groups and have learned a lot over the years”

"To me Aspen is a sanctuary when times are low”

“The staff are very helpful, sincere and easy to talk to. Without them I don’t know where I’d be today.”

How to find us:

Aspen is opposite Finaghy Health Centre
16 Finaghy Road South
BT10 0DR


Tel:     02890 611513

For Activities please see Prospectus attached.

be inspired to volunteer

Volunteers bring immeasurable value to all areas of Inspire’s work to support people living with experience of mental ill-health. Find out more about how you get involved with our work....