Some people find it hard to say what it is that they want, or to speak up when they feel things aren't right for them. For some people this can be made even more difficult due to problems with their mental health.

How can Advocacy help?

Advocacy is recognised as a way of helping people work out exactly what they want, and to speak up and say it. The support provided by an advocate helps make sure that the person knows what their rights are, are informed about the options available, and where required, are supported to express their wishes.

An advocate can:

- Take time to listen to your views and concerns

- Help you explore your options and rights (without pressuring you)

- Provide information to help you make informed decisions

- Help you contact relevant people, or contact them on your behalf where appropriate

- Accompany you and support you in meetings regarding your mental health

An advocate will not:

- Give you their personal opinion

- Give advice or make decisions for you

- Make judgements about you

- Deal with benefits or housing applications

Can I access an Inspire advocate?

If you currently receive support from mental health services within the Southern, Northern or Belfast Trust localities and are over 18 you can contact us directly:

NHSCT Advocacy Services (Covering the Northern Trust Area)

Chris Tay (Advocacy Manager)

Tel: 07739677710 or 02894413305

BHSCT Advocacy Services (Covering the Belfast Trust Area)

Karen Macartney (Advocacy Manager)

Tel: 07811344723

SHSCT Advocacy Services (Covering the Southern Trust Area)

Karen Macartney

Tel: 07811344723 

We are happy to accept referrals through professionals and carers but would ask that permission is provided by the potential client prior to contacting the advocacy service.

Contact numbers above are for Advocacy services only and are not helpline numbers. Individuals should contact Lifeline (0808 808 8000) or the Samaritans (08457 909090) if in need of immediate help.

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