Here is some additional information if you are thinking about volunteering with Inspire.

How old do I have to be? Due the nature of working with vulnerable adults, the minimum age is 18

Can I volunteer if I have a disability? Yes; whether you have a physical or mental disability, we can find a role for you. Many people with some form of disability already volunteer with us and many with a mental illness find it helps on their journey of recovery. Inspire is committed to equality and diversity and recognises that a diverse group of volunteers bring fresh ideas and experiences.

I am claiming benefits, can I volunteer? Yes you can volunteer and further information is available via the NI Direct website

Will I be covered by insurance? Like staff, volunteers will be covered by our insurance policies for any activities you undertake on our behalf

How much time do I need to commit? In general, there is no minimum time you have to give and we can be flexible to suit your own needs. We give all volunteers a 3 month ‘settling-in’ period to give you the best opportunity to see that volunteering is for you. If you work or study full-time we have evening and weekend opportunities. Any amount of time you give will be hugely appreciated.

Will I need to have an Access NI check? Some but not all roles require volunteers to undertake an Access NI check. Having a criminal record will not necessarily debar you from volunteering with Inspire. This will depend on the nature of the volunteering position, together with the circumstances and background of your offences or other information contained on a Disclosure Certificate.

Will it cost me anything to volunteer? No; expenses are offered to volunteers so they are not ‘out-of-pocket’

What skills do I need? We aim to match your skills and experience with a suitable role but key to volunteering with Inspire is enthusiasm, a sense of fun, ability to listen and be of a non-judgemental nature. 

Why should I volunteer with Inspire? People volunteer with Inspire for many reasons. It might be they want to ‘give-back’ as they have been supported by Inspire in the past or they want the necessary skills to pursue a career in health & social care. Others volunteer to gain confidence, meet new people, learn new skills, improve their CV and have fun.  

What support will I receive? You will get a full induction, appropriate training so that you can carry out your role, opportunities to network with other volunteers and attend Inspire events throughout the year. You will have a dedicated supervisor who will carry out regular support & supervision with you.           

If you still have a question about volunteering; please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator on 07921 697 135 or                                                  

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Volunteers bring immeasurable value to all areas of Inspire’s work to support people living with experience of mental ill-health. Find out more about how you get involved with our work....