planning for retirement

 This course is aimed at enabling participants to consider the changes that will take place at retirement and how they can be planned and managed in a positive way.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to identify the issues that are important at retirement
  • Understand the process of managing the transition to retirement and identify relevant skills to enable this transition to be as smooth as possible
  • Enable participants to look at options (e.g. voluntary work, courses, personal interests) and plan effectively to maximise their retirement opportunity
  • Receive an independent overview of financial considerations, carry out initial financial planning and know where to receive further guidance as regards pensions, lump sums, investments, taxation (please note - the financial advisor will not be able to provide specific individual financial advice on the day)
  • Undertake a review of key life areas such as money, health and wellbeing, use of time, and relationships and set some specific goals for the future.

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