Studies worldwide show that mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety, improves memory and concentration, can help lower blood pressure and increase overall wellbeing. Sometimes the stresses of life rob us of our ability to have fun and unwind.

Through Mindfulness workshops, you will learn how to nurture wellness for disease prevention and increase your resilience to overcome stress at home and in the workplace. You will be introduced to breathing techniques and relaxation exercises in a quiet and supported atmosphere where you can unwind and nourish both body and spirit.

 An Introduction to Mindfulness

(45 - 60 minutes) Suitable for early morning, lunchtime or after work to help staff either prepare for the working day, reboot at lunchtime or unwind at the end of the day to aid transition from work to home.

Half Day Mindfulness Session

Designed to develop a more in-depth knowledge of mindfulness techniques such as the body scan, mindful eating and mindful walking.

Mindfulness Course

4, 6 or 8 x 45 minute group sessions for four, six or eight consecutive weeks. Participants learn to use mindfulness techniques that they practice at home over the duration of the four weeks. Even 10 minutes a day of mindfulness can help prevent burnout and a host of other stress related illnesses.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

This is an eight week programme during which you will learn how to:

• Be present – for yourself and others.
• Strengthen focus, calm, and increase your mental flexibility.
• Shift self-defeating habits and thoughts.
• Work with difficult emotions without getting overwhelmed.
• Build resilience for facing personal challenges.
• Cultivate patience and self-compassion.
• Develop empathy and effective communications with others.
• Reconnect with an appreciation for the simple things in life.

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