The managing absence workshop helps managers identify a system of initiatives, focused primarily on leadership and management handling of absence, linked to a comprehensive absence and performance management system.


Sample Programme

  •          The causes of absence
  •          Dealing with the psychological issues and effects behind absenteeism
  •          Successful interventions to improve psychological ill-health and sickness absence
  •          Minimising tension
  •          Person centred approach
  •          Listening skills and pitfalls
  •          The problem
  •          Why measure absence?
  •          Cost of absenteeism
  •          Absence management in practice (referring to LSC Policy)
  •          Preventative measures
  •          Legal issues / Case studies
  •          Types of sickness / disability cases
  •          The future.


Learning Outcomes

  •          Become knowledgeable about the psychological issues behind absenteeism
  •          Develop preventative skills in managing absence
  •          Recognise absenteeism costs to organisations
  •          Identify what managers can do reduce and manage absenteeism
  •          Examine the legal framework and relevant cases
  •          Understand absence management in practice.

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