leading through change

Managing staff can be deeply strengthened by building a supportive culture based on understanding of how emotional intelligence and emotional resilience blend together in the professional attributes of the manager. The training will examine how to manage other peoples’ experience of transition in the workplace. Managers participating will learn key communication skills to manage emotional reactions and support staff through the change. They will also learn coping strategies to use during and after their change programme.

By attending and applying the knowledge, skills and techniques, managers will:

  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of Emotional Resilience
  • Have an awareness of the risks of workplace stress in the absence of resilience
  • Understand that resilience is not developed in isolation
  • Explore how to develop resilience with different personalities
  • Enhance effective communication skills
  • Recognise patterns of conflict, confrontation and compromise
  • Learn skills to manage difficult and challenging behaviour
  • Realise the importance of self-confidence and self-care
  • Signposting for additional support

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