school leadership programme

This leadership development programme will explore the importance of the leadership role in planning and goal setting and focus on clear communication to ensure effective implementation and buy-in by the senior management team and all relevant stakeholders. 

  • Provide an opportunity for school leaders to focus on the importance of leadership skills in the Principal and Vice Principal role
  • Equip new Principals and Vice Principals with core leadership skills that they can take away and apply in practice
  • Instil positive leadership values in school leaders, encouraging them to lead more effectively and foster an inclusive and open culture within the organisation


The programme will focus on the following three core elements

 The Leadership Role

  •          Leadership
  •          Team Dynamics
  •          Goal Setting & Personal Achievement   

Managing Yourself

  •          Personal Awareness
  •          Identify What is Important
  •          Managing Stress

Leading Others

  •          Effective Communication
  •          The Science of Influence
  •          Conflict Management
  •          Participative Decision Making


These three core elements aim to provide participants with an engaging, practical and thought provoking learning experience.

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