mental health awareness

Mental Health Awareness for Staff

This course is for anyone that wants to boost their education on mental health. 

Participants will learn about mental health, how to recognise symptoms of mental health problems, how to protect and promote their own mental health, and where to find help. The training will provide practical tips, action plans and self help strategies. The course will challenge the stigma associated with mental health.

Available for groups of up to 20 delegates and delivered over 2 days, this course is designed to help participants recognise and understand common, and less common, mental health conditions.

Participants will: 

  • Be able to identify appropriate self help strategies

  • Gain a better knowledge of mental illness and mental health issues

  • Gain an awareness of how to protect and promote their own mental health and emotional wellbeing

  • Be able to identify self help strategies

  • Know here to find help when needed.


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Sample Programme:

  •   What is mental health & ill-health? How common are mental health problems?
  •   What help is available and what is recovery?
  •   The mental Health First Aid action plan
  •   How to help a person who is feeling suicidal
  •   What is depression, its effects and risk factors
  •   Bipolar: a particular type of depression
  •   First aid for depression
  •   Anxiety; what is it? Risk factors and first aid for anxiety
  •   How to help a person having a panic attack
  •   How to help a person who has experienced a traumatic event
  •   Psychosis: Types, risk factors and first aid
  •   What to do if a psychotic person is perceived as threatening violence
  •   What to do if a psychotic person does not want help
  •   Substance use disorder:Is there an overlap between substance use disorders and mental health
  •   Guidance for adult drinkers
  •   Risk factors for substance and alcohol use disorders
  •   First aid for substance use disorder


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