building emotional resilience

Building Emotional Resilience

This course for anyone interested in boosting their ability to adapt and who would like to build their emotional resilience. 

Available for groups of up to 20 delegates, this course is designed to help participants build emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience refers to one’s ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises. More resilient people are able to adapt to adversity without lasting difficulties. Less resilient people have a harder time with stress and life changes, both major and minor. It’s been found that those who deal with minor stresses more easily can also manage major crises with greater ease, so resilience has its benefits for daily life as well as for difficult life events.

Participants will: 

  • Gain an understanding of Emotional Resilience
  • Recognise the capacity we have for overcoming adversity
  • Understand that resilience is not developed in isolation
  • Appreciate the importance of personal support
  • Recognise the significance of personal strengths.


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Sample Programme

What is emotional resilience?
Challenging negative thinking and emotional patterns
Developing emotional resilience
Focus on the significance of personal strengths and personal support
The importance of resilience in the workplace
Handling difficult situations / behaviours
The costs and risks associated with a lack of resilience in the workplace
Learning to build and model emotional resilience in the workplace 


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