staff wellbeing audit

Stress in the workplace is a business-critical issue. If it is not managed properly, stress will cause employee health and absence problems, and reduce individual and organisational productivity. UK and ROI employers have a legal responsibility to conduct health and safety risk assessments, including assessing the risk of stress-related harm to their workforce. In order to help employers fulfil their responsibility to undertake stress risk assessments, Inspire Knowledge & Leadership use the HSE management standards for stress at work which are based on research carried out to define main sources of stress in the workplace.

What can employers do?

  • Carrying out risk assessment for stress at work, acting on the results and reviewing regularly
  • Developing policies, procedures and services around stress and mental wellbeing
  • Providing stress management training for managers and employees
  • Providing independent counselling & support services for employees.


The value of our involvement is:

  • As an independent organisation, staff may be less likely to be suspicious and more likely to provide honest answers to the questionnaire

  • As an independent organisation, staff may be more willing to take part in and be honest in focus groups
  • As an independent organisation, we can provide flexibility in the approach, and tailor the process to meet your organisational needs
  • As an independent organisation, you can benefit from our experience in carrying out Stress Risk assessments with other organisations
  • As an independent organisation, we can provide realistic recommendations for your action planning based on our experiences with other organisations; and can provide further consultancy to help you to write and implement your action plans.

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