lifestyle assessments

Lifestyle Assessments

Through our Lifestyle Assessments Programme, Inspire K&L provide a blended approach that is objective, personalised and motivational. We aim to shift people from simply engaging with behaviours, to taking ownership of them. A key ambition of this project would be to boost the resilience of the entire workforce.


Benefits of the Assessment

The benefits provided by the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments are outlined below:

  • Improved Staff Performance in the Workplace – evidence has shown that 85% of employees feel that they are more productive at work following the programme. 
  • Reduction in the levels of sickness and absence – the Lifestyle Assessment has been shown to reduce days of absence by as much as 32%.
  • Better Stress Management - 82% of staff felt that they were able to improve their stress management, sleep quality and exercise habits.
  • Mental Health Improvement – studies show that a consistent commitment to physical activity and exercise decreases anxiety, reduces depression, increases self-esteem and improves restful sleep. While exercise cannot be treated as a panacea for a serious mental health condition, it is a helpful adjunct to other mental health treatments. For milder mental health struggles, exercise leads to relief from worry and stress.
  • Improved Motivation – objective measurement and personalised feedback about physical activity increases awareness and can play a positive role in promoting behaviour change towards health promoting physical activity, nutrition and exercise.


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