independent investigations

Inspire Knowledge & Leadership can support Human Resources staff within client organisations by undertaking or helping with workplace investigations in accordance with the client organisation’s policies and procedures.

On receipt of formal complaints of harassment and bullying, HR managers can request a full or part service from our professionally qualified and experienced specialists, whose remit will include:

  • A full confidential, independent and impartial investigation of the complaint

  • Establishing if there is substance to the complaint

  • Providing a factual report of the investigation to the organisation, with conclusions and recommendations where appropriate.

In order to offer flexibility in investigating each case according to its individual circumstances and to ensure an effective outcome, the investigator(s) will determine the manner in which the exercise is carried out, subject to advice obtained from the employer.

The investigator(s) will be responsible for dealing with or assisting with each case professionally, promptly and discretely, where possible working within the guidelines set by the client organisation.

During the investigation, Inspire can also provide confidential counselling support to all those involved separately and without prejudice.

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