effective conflict resolution

At Inspire we are excited to introduce a new department dedicated and specialised to managing conflict in the workplace.

We offer highly skilled and experienced professional consultants trained to assist you to prevent manage and resolve conflict in the workplace and among teams.

Used as a valuable resource when there are claims of:

  • Bullying and harassment
  • After investigations and disciplinary to address and manage remaining issues
  • When teams break down as a result of conflict
  • When teams break down as a result of management/process change

We can help you to:

  • Nip conflict in the bud
  • Reduce the stress of unresolved conflict on staff
  • Reduce the amount of time taken off due to conflict related stress
  • Improve productivity and engagement within teams


Unresolved Conflict Can:

  • Damage work relationships
  • Jeopardise productivity, performance and overall employee engagement
  • Lead to the loss or high turnover of talented staff
  • Decrease morale among staff
  • Lead to increased sick days, absenteeism and stress levels
  • Increase reports of grievance, bullying and harassment
  • The Cost Of Losing A Key Member Of Your Team


Our bespoke packages can be tailored to your specific needs  and can include:

  • For the Resolution of existing conflict we offer independent & private mediation
  • For the Management & Prevention of future issues we offer one to one coaching and training of management


Our professional mediators are skilled and highly experienced in conflict resolution, prevention and management and are used by clients as a valuable resource to reduce the negative impact destructive conflict can have on groups, teams and in the workplace.

It is increasingly recognised that investing in experienced, objective and skilled support can help to reduce the time, money and wasted effort spent on internal conflict resolution attempts that can sometimes escalate the problems leading to the loss of valuable time, resources and the loss of talented staff.

We are here to help, please contact us for a confidential telephone consultation to discuss your conflict prevention, management or resolution needs.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a structured process whereby a mediator as a trained and experienced neutral assists parties in private to work towards a negotiated agreement appropriate to their own particular dispute, difference or issue. The process of mediation works on the principles that it remains throughout a:

  • A confidential process
  • A voluntary process
  • Decision making rests with the participants to the process allowing them to tailor solutions to their specific problem




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