Shauna Cathcart

Pilot Coaching Programme – Coach Bio

Name: Shauna Cathcart

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 07907563311

Relevant qualifications and affiliations (max. 80 words)

  • Diploma in Life and Business Coaching with The Irish Life Coach Institute, Dublin (2008). 

  • Trained and accredited as a Leadership Coach by the Regional Training Unit (2011-2016)

  • Member of BACP Coaching Division

  • Professional Qualification for Headship PQHNI (2004)

  • Master of Business Studies(MBS) in Human Resource Management (University College, Dublin) (Scholarship 1994)

  • Master of Education (Educational Management and Administration) (University of Manchester (1992)

  • Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy PCI College Dublin (in association with Middlesex University (2011)

  • Accredited member of BACP

  • Certificate in Interpersonal Communication (Dr. Tony Humphreys) University College Cork (2018)

  • Awarded Winston Churchill Traveling Fellowship in 2014 to travel to Australia and Canada to research good practice in promoting Wellbeing and Resilience in schools.


Experience in one to one coaching (Max. 300 words)

My experience as a school Principal in the primary sector for seventeen years coupled with a valuable secondment to the Regional Training Unit, researching the area of Wellbeing & Resilience, has motivated me to work full-time as a Wellbeing Consultant, Trainer & Leadership Coach within the Education sector.

  • Leadership and Wellbeing Coach for Principals (2017-present)

I have been a leadership coach with EA, and the Centre for School Leadership (CSL) Coaching Programme since its inception in 2017. This has involved coaching school leaders from all sectors in the North & South of Ireland.

My coaching approach is warm, focused and supportively challenging grounded in a relationship of trust and friendliness.

My specialist area is Leadership Resilience and I work with school leaders to help them manage the pressures and demands of a deeply rewarding but increasingly complex and challenging role.

I have been privileged to witness significant transformations in the professional lives of school leaders who have prioritised their own wellbeing as a key part of the coaching process. These benefits also carry over into their personal lives.

Recurring coaching themes include: - Negotiating challenging relationships, time & energy management, improving work/life balance, breaking through burnout and creating a personalised resilience toolkit.

  • Regular Contributor to EA Conferences for School Leaders

I frequently deliver presentations and workshops on the area of Wellbeing and Resilience for The Education Authority, on behalf of Inspire Wellbeing, for new and experienced Principals.

  • Lead facilitator and Wellbeing Coach on Inspire Training Programmes ‘The Resilient Leader’ - (2015-2016).

I co-facilitated these bespoke wellbeing training programmes with an integrated coaching element, providing school leaders with a regular supportive space to reflect on and build upon their current resilience levels.

  • Coach/Mentor for Newly Appointed Principals for The Regional Training Unit in Northern Ireland. (2010-2015).

I was a coach/mentor over a two-year period agreeing, supporting and evaluating progress on Principal priorities such as: - Performance management; curriculum development; team-building; raising Standards; school development planning & stress management.

I also delivered Middle and Senior Leadership Programmes for The Regional training unit during my secondment.

  • Senior Coach within my own school setting.

As a Principal in the Primary setting I facilitated ‘Leader as Coach’ Training for our Senior Leadership team in partnership with The Regional Training Unit to promote a coaching culture within our school. (2013-2016)

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