Orla Rafferty

Pilot Coaching Programme – Coach Bio

Name: Orla Rafferty   

Email Address: orlarafferty@outlook.com

Telephone Number: 07977118941

Relevant qualifications and affiliations (max. 80 words)

  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Member of the Association of Coaching (AOC)

  • International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate June 2019

  • Award in Education and Training September 2016

  • ONC Mediation Theory and Practice Level Three, (Mediation NI) May 2015

  • The Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching (Academy of Executive Coaching) January 2015 and associate membership of Association of Coaching

  • BA Hons in Humanities


Experience in one to one coaching (Max. 300 words)

Orla has over 23 years’ experience in Human Resource Management and held a  Senior HR role for 15 years, during this time she was continually involved in coaching and mentoring Senior Staff in Leadership skills, change management and people development

From October 2013 she set up her own coaching and consulting business and currently provides one-to-one executive coaching to owner/managers within the private and public sector

Specialisms include business strategy, managing and leading teams, motivating self and others, self-care, handling workplace conflict, having difficult conversations, budgetary controls and effective team collaboration and career-development

Orla is a trained mediator and  has vast experience in dealing with workplace conflict, and the provision of complex investigation services throughout the private and public sector.

In 2018, she worked on a 6 month project delivering career development training and one to one coaching within the Michelin plant prior to its closure and has delivered one-to-one coaching on behalf of the HSC Leadership Centre under their Senior Leadership training programme Proteus.

Orla provides an open and encouraging approach in her coaching and aims to finish each session with the coachee achieving much more than they had anticipated.  

“Orla helped me realise the importance of taking the time and effort to review how I approach situations and how subtle changes in course can have significant wins. I found the experience extremely beneficial and started to see improved results in my performance immediately.”

"Orla provides a challenging and thoughtful foil, helping sharpen focus on priorities. The coaching experience also helped challenge unhelpful or outdated thought processes that were getting in the way of achieving success, and better working relationships. I'd recommend to anyone ready to move to the next level of effectiveness.”



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