Jacqueline Mc Callum

Pilot Coaching Programme – Coach Bio

Name:  Jacqueline Mc Callum

Email Address: jbutlermccallum098@gmail.com

Telephone Number: 07846365504

Relevant qualifications and affiliations (max 80 words)


  • Advanced Certificate In Executive Coaching – Masters Level - University of West England (UWE)

  • Level 7 - Coaching and Mentoring in Leadership and Management – Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

  • BA Honours Degree

  • Post Graduate Certificate In Education

  • Professional Qualification In Headship (PQH)


Professional Experience

Senior Leader and Teacher In St. Joseph’s Primary and Nursery Unit Crumlin

Associate Assessor with the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) – 7 years 

Lecturer In The Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education 

Early Years Advisor – Early years Organisation 

Experience in one to one coaching (max 340 words)

My coaching experience has primarily been within and across the wider education sector.  Consequently, this has included coaching principals, senior leaders, middle leaders and class teachers within nursery, primary and post primary schools as well as more recently within a further education college.  In addition, I have coached leaders and managers within the business and private sector.

As a result of my advanced training in executive coaching at masters level and additional training to achieve a Level 7 from the institute of leadership and management coupled with my coaching experience I am able to draw upon the necessary coaching skills, strategies and approaches needed to meet the needs of the individual person being coached. 

Through a collaborative relationship I employ a process of structured, focused, interaction whereby I use appropriate theoretical and research based coaching approaches, strategies, tools and techniques to help individuals achieve desired outcomes.    The coaching process becomes a cycle for the person being coached of setting goals and determining desired outcomes, developing action plans, acting, monitoring, evaluating and reviewing.    In addition, the process will facilitate learning, problem solving, choice, change and growth. 

My relationship and interactions as a coach based on respect, concern, compassion and understanding with a desire to support and help the person being coached in order to enhance their confidence and self-esteem as well as to promote a belief in their own abilities to problem solve, develop and achieve their work related outcomes.  My coaching style ensures open and trusting relationships and partnerships are established where both parties feel safe, secure and trust one another

Finally, coaching is transformational and powerful with tremendous benefits to the person being coached particularly when the coach employs the correct approaches, tools and strategies.   Owing to my high-level coaching qualifications, my education and professional background coupled with my personal qualities I believe I am able to facilitate excellent, beneficial transformational coaching.

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