Eileen Glynn

Pilot Coaching Programme – Coach Bio

Name: Eileen Glynn

Email Address: eglynn459@hotmail.com

Telephone Number: 07980918435

I have been a School Principal for 21 years and a teacher for 33 years. I have taught in all sectors, post –primary , adult and primary education and been a Primary School Principal for many years.
I have a BSc. degree and a M.BA. in School Leadership from the University of Hull.
I am a qualified LIfe and Business coach, trained with the Irish Lifecoach Institute (ILI), Dublin.
I have qualified as Counsellor from the University of Ulster. I volunteer with various charities including Cruse Bereavement, N Ireland.
I run my own private tuition and coaching service.

I completed ‘The School Leader as Coach’ programme with the Regional Taining Unit (RTU).
I went on to train as an assessor for PQH candidates. As part of this I met with clients and coached them individually on a regular basis.
I worked as coach in cluster groups with Principals and middle managers regionally and internally with colleagues. I have mentored first time Principals as part of professional development and have been able to bring performance coaching and developmental coaching to all situations.

My approach is one of helping the client to get the very best performance out of themselves, of releasing potential. In helping people through a process of questioning and self- discovery they come to a place where they have an increased capacity to work autonomously when facing new challenges.

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