Catherine Wegwermer

Pilot Coaching Programme – Coach Bio

Name: Catherine Wegwermer

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 07789758863

Relevant qualifications and affiliations (max. 80 words)

  • Bachelor of Education

  • Diploma in the Advanced Study of Education

  • MSc Educational Management

  • MBA Educational Leadership (International)

  • RTU – PQH coach

Experience in one to one coaching (Max. 300 words)

I was a head teacher for sixteen years (retired January 2014) and during that time worked tirelessly to create a positive culture of learning.  Throughout my time as Principal I ensured that standards continued to improve and I provided coaching, consulting and facilitation to leaders in my own school and to other schools and organisations.

I have benefited from studying educational systems around the world and am currently employed by EA to conduct research and make recommendations to enhance the education system. I have learned a great deal from this work, which has broadened my understanding of school leadership and the importance of focusing on the emotional health and wellbeing of leaders and the wider school community.

I was a member of the core team responsible for producing DE’s programme, ‘Optimising Achievement through a Whole School Approach to Emotional Health and Wellbeing’. I believe in setting high standards and expectations, I work with others to build trust and challenge appropriately.  As a trained coach I find this approach facilitates a deeper understanding of a problem. As an associate with EA I have been responsible for coaching First Time Principals and facilitating training for Senior and Middle leadership teams.  I was a PQH coach and currently coach principals and others through my consultancy work. In my role as PRSD adviser, I adopt a coaching approach to enhance the experience for the principals I work with.

I believe I have the skills needed to build trusting relationships based on integrity, honesty and compassion. My knowledge and experience enables me to coach principals and others facing all the many issues and challenges prevalent in schools today.

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