Andrew Brown

Pilot Coaching Programme – Coach Bio

Name: Andrew Brown

Email Address:

Telephone Number: 07921614812



Relevant qualifications and affiliations (max. 80 words)

  • Accredited Practitioner’s Diploma in Executive Coaching awarded by the AoEC

  • Professional Qualification for Headship awarded by the RTU(NI)

  • Diploma of Advanced Studies in Education awarded by the Queen’s University, Belfast

  • Degree of Bachelor of Education awarded by the Queen’s University, Belfast

  • Full membership of the Association for Coaching, London


Experience in one to one coaching (Max. 300 words)

I have worked as an Executive Coach supporting Trainee Head Teachers from a range of school phases and sectors on their journey to completing the Professional Qualification for Headship (NI). One to one coaching was an important mechanism for supporting learning and opportunities for development. I have worked as a Coach with a first-time Vice-Principal working under challenging circumstances and facing complex issues. Coaching for this leader helped to clarify a strategic pathway and the setting of clear goals. I have had opportunities to work privately with Middle and Senior Leaders in Education and I am currently engaging in Executive Coaching with a newly appointed Principal.

I have been involved as a Leadership Development Associate of the RTU(NI) in training a cluster of schools in the acquisition and development of coaching skills and the Middle Leaders involved have had opportunities to use these skills in their school-based practice.

I am an External Adviser to the Education Authority and work with Principals and their Governor Reviewers across a range of schools within the statutory PRSD scheme. I use a coaching approach with Principals and Governors when determining and setting performance objectives based on an understanding of the context in which the work is conducted. I have a working knowledge of the challenges faced by Principals in the current educational landscape.             

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