what life is like in Inspire

We want to create an organisation that we can be proud of, that makes a difference in society and is an excellent place to work. In order to do that we bring in the most talented people we can find and provide them with a workplace that we hope inspires them to flourish and be the best that they can be. We are not shy in articulating our ambition to grow and change and with that hope to attract similar minded individuals.

We have a vision for the workplace that we believe brings out the best in people and provides the best possible service to our customers, clients and service users.  We are committed to developing Inspire as a High Performance Workplace.  A workplace in which we experience:

We are also committed to our wellbeing and have an active wellbeing programme to educate and inspire us to look after ourselves.




Meet The Team

We think this is a great place to work and have won a few awards and accreditations that make us think others do too.



Our people talk, we listen:

Every year we ask our staff what they think about working at Inspire. This is what they said in the most recent survey: