our investment in you

With our aspiration to provide employees with the best possible experience at work we invest heavily in our talent.

When you are new

When you join inspire you will have a structured induction into your role and into inspire. This will be led by your line manager, but will involve lots of your new colleagues too. You will also be invited to our Group Induction where you will have the chance to meet the senior team and hear directly their vision for the organisation. It is also a great opportunity to meet other new colleagues.

As your career progresses

At inspire we believe in having engaging line managers who take the time to develop and support their employees. You will meet with them regularly on a one-to-one basis, they will also support you with setting your goals, reviewing your performance and identifying your ongoing learning & development needs. They will also support you with your career planning.

Taking a blended approach to development, we have an ongoing schedule of planned Learning & Development courses, a suite of online modules and other development opportunities. Last year we organised 409 Training Courses with 4271 delegates attending.  We also encourage and empower staff to identify other means to support their development, and have found them to be extremely resourceful.

We support employees with their professional development. Last year 39 employees were supported to achieve a Qualification. We routinely sponsor QCF Level 3 and 5 Diplomas.

For those who see themselves progressing into more senior roles:


For those already in senior positions we regularly invest in Leadership and Management Development.