how we hire

Want to be the Inspiration? Do you want to make a change to people’s lives? Our guide below will set you on the right path… Find your job – Have a look at our vacancies and see what job best suits your skills and knowledge.


All our positions require you to submit an application form. You can apply via our website or you can download our application forms and send via post or hand deliver to our central office. We do not accept external application forms submitted by fax or email.

You will be asked to complete the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form. The purpose of monitoring is to enable Inspire to meet our statutory requirements under Fair Employment Legislation. You should detail at section 5 of your Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form if you require any reasonable adjustments to be made in advance of your interview or to enable you to take up the post.

The application form clearly provides detail on what information we require, however we do have some tips for success:

  • Check out what date and time the application process closes on the job advert, any applications received after this will not be accepted.

  • Review the Job Description and Personnel Specification and ensure you meet the requirements. Use these documents as a guide for completing the application form. They will tell you exactly what the role will involve.

  • Ensure your answers to the questions in the application form are aligned with the criteria providing examples that demonstrate you have the required knowledge and skills.


Great! You’ve applied for your position, so what happens next? Once a position is closed a selection panel will be formed and will normally be made up of a minimum of two appropriately trained / qualified individuals. The panel blind shortlist against the essential criteria and desirable criteria (if applicable) which are specified on the Personnel Specification and on the application form. The panel will use two sections to shortlist:

  • The ‘Demonstrating How You Meet the Shortlisting Criteria’ section where you must clearly demonstrate, by giving specific relevant examples in each of the boxes provided, how you meet the essential and desirable criteria (if specified), and

  • The details provided in your ‘Employment History’ section. 

 Unfortunately applicants who fail to meet all of the essential shortlisting criteria will not be shortlisted. The desirable criteria will be used where a large number of applicants appear to meet the essential shortlisting criteria.

We ensure that the shortlisting criteria is applied consistently and fairly to all applicants. The panel will only consider the facts and will not make assumptions as to an applicant’s qualifications, experience, circumstances, skills, knowledge etc.


The panel have shortlisted and you’ve made it one step closer to making that job yours. You will be sent an Invite to Interview Letter by HR. The letter will explain if there are any additional requirements for the interview e.g. The nature and expected duration of any tests/presentations, etc. If you provide us with an email address on your application form all correspondence that is part of the recruitment process will be sent via email (any reference to letter refers to either email or letter).

All interviews will be conducted by the Interview Panel led by the Panel Chairperson. This is your time to shine, so show them what you’ve got! You will be asked questions relevant to the post. For certain posts you may also be required to complete an additional selection exercise e.g. A presentation, test or exercise. You will be advised of this in the Invite to Interview Letter. The Panel will make reasonable adjustments to the interview process, as far as is practicable, for candidates who have declared that they have a disability or special requirements.

In certain circumstances it may be appropriate or necessary to proceed to a second interview stage. Candidates will be advised in writing of the date, time and format of the second interview, giving reasonable notice from the date of receiving their letter, where practicable.

You’ve got the job:

Well done, you’ve got the job! Due to the nature of the work here at Inspire we require candidates to go through some pre-employment checks before we confirm you in post. These will be documented clearly on your conditional offer of employment. If all information required is submitted and is satisfactory the only thing left to do is confirm your start date and join the team here at Inspire.