Cork Association for Autism

The Cork Association for Autism provides residential, respite, home support and day services in Cork city and county.

The Cork Association for Autism provide support services for adults affected with Autism and Asperger Syndrome to over 400 individuals and their families from the Cork & Kerry region. This year is of special significance to our charity as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Cork Association for Autism.

When the Association was formed back in 1978 Autism was not recognised as a seperate condition by the Health Board in Ireland & it was estimated that 4 in every 10,000 people were affected by Autism. A group of families in the region were left frustrated with the lack of infomation and fundamental support services available to those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder and came together in determination to secure their childrens futures, armed with nothing but a sheer perseverence and belief in their cause set about founding the Cork Association for Autism with the aim of providing long term, professional, Autism Specific support services in the Cork area.

Today the charity provides professional Autism Specific Services to over 400 individuals in total across the Cork and Kerry region from a range of service centres.

The types of activities carried out at our centres are varied and are personalised to suit each individual’s needs. Some activities and therapies provided at our centres include Horticulture Therapy, Numeracy and Literacy training, Money Skills training, Comprehension Skills training, Art Therapy, Woodwork, Computer Skills, Daily Living Skills and Social Integration Skills.

2018 has been a year of great triumph for us, here are just a few of the key highlights:

  • Two individuals who avail of the Day Service Facilities at the CAA have been successful in competing in a number of golf competitions across Munster and will now go forward to represent the Cork Association for Autism in the Special Olympics, All Ireland Games in June.
  • With thanks to the fundamental supports available and the dedication of key staff one service user has moved from long term Residential Care to supported Independent Living – A long time goal for this individual
  • Expansion of Day Service Facilities allowing more individuals to access fundamental supports
  • A growth in the number Respite of Service Users who can now avail of Respite Services due to renovations and upgrades of Respite Facilities with thanks to the support of the HSE and Fundraising income.