Fallen Lights Mind Your Mind tour

Inspire is delighted to announce that the Mullingar-based band Fallen Lights have been inspired to embark on a 32 county, Ireland-wide tour in May/June 2017 to raise awarenss of mental health, the work of Inspire and also to fundraise 'in aid of' our cause.

about Fallen Lights

Fallen Lights are a 4-piece indie/pop outfit based in Mullingar. Together since early 2014, the band is made up of music graduates and final year music students. Musically speaking Fallen Lights are a blend of rich harmonies and catchy melodies with an underlying pop theme that would get even the most dedicated of rockers tapping their toes.

Since forming in early 2014 the band have enjoyed supporting some well-established heavy hitters such as Scouting for Girls, Ham Sandwich, Paddy Casey, Raglans, Key West, The Academic and The Blizzards. The band are currently busy writing for their new musical project which is expected to be a 5 Track EP set to take radio listeners everywhere by storm. With a high intensity performance equally complimented by a great ability to write sing-along indie/pop music Fallen Lights are set to be a future household name.

the big idea

As four individuals. Joe, Graham, Jay and Andrew have all seen up close the impact neglecting your mental health can have on someone. They as a band have also noticed the on-going issue of people in Ireland (especially Irish blokes!!!!), not always taking proactive action to protect their mental and emotional health, in particular within their own age group often until it is too late. As four good kind-hearted Irish lads, they want to do something to help to inspire the people of Ireland to look after themselves.

The lads themselves are no mental health experts but they are talented musicians, so they are joining forces with Inspire (who know a thing or two about mental health and wellbeing), to use their talent as musicians to go on the road, help make some noise, get people, especially young people talking, and help Inspire to be able to develop and deliver mental health and wellbeing services right across the island of Ireland.

why are Fallen Lights doing this?

The boys’ reasons for doing this are simple. All the band members & management have someone close to them who is affected by a mental health issue, either a family member or a close friend. Some of them have lost someone in their close circle as a direct result of suicide from untreated mental health issues. They have watched people deteriorate and one person’s deterioration can affect the lives of so many more people around them. They just want to get out and about and share the positive word that mental health issues are not anything to be ashamed or embarrassed about and that it can at times be ok to not be ok and need to ask for help.

And, like any other part of our health, if we all take proactive steps in our everyday lives to look after our mental and emotional health, we can hopefully avoid becoming ‘unwell’, or recover quicker if we do experience mental ill-health.

mental health across Ireland

In general according to the WHO, Mental and substance use disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide and stigma and discrimination against patients and families prevent people from seeking mental health care.

In Ireland, it is estimated by Mental Health Ireland that one in four adults will experience a mental health problem at some time, and according to research published by RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) in 2013, one in five young Irish adults aged 19-24 and one in six young people aged 11-13 were experiencing mental disorder at the time of survey. The CSO reported that in 2015, there were 451 suicides in Ireland and males accounted for 83% of these figures.

According to the Mental Health Foundation, as many as one in five people living in Northern Ireland show signs of a mental health problem, with more women than men reporting a problem (even though logically men are just as likely to be affected). Northern Ireland has the highest rate of suicide in the UK with just over three quarters of people ending their life by suicide in 2014 being males.

the objectives

By putting themselves through this tough schedule (32 gigs, 32 counties, 32 days), Fallen Lights in conjunction with Inspire hope to achieve the following:

  • Encourage people to start conversations about their mental and emotional health.
  • Encourage people who may need it to seek advice and support.
  • Encourage people to learn a bit about what Inspire does.
  • Get the Irish media talking about mental health, particularly in relation to young people.
  • Encourage people to donate to help Inspire develop existing and new services.
  • Encourage people to be inspired to ‘Take Up the Inspirational Five Steps to Personal Wellbeing’ by:


1. Getting educated about mental and emotional health.

2. Building their social connections and support networks.

3. Getting to know all their wonderful talents, qualities and gifts and celebrating how brilliant they are.

4. Finding a hobby, passion or interest that helps them de-stress and relax.

5. Looking after their physical health by eating well, getting a good sleep and indulging in moderation.




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