what we do

Inspire Disability Services provide personal care and housing support services for young people and adults with Learning/Intellectual Disabilities and Complex Needs throughout the island of Ireland. This comprises of twenty four hour, non twenty four hour and peripatetic care and support services delivered in community based settings within local communities to meet identified need. Inspire Disability Services are planned and delivered in partnership with Health and Social Care Trusts, Health Service Executive, Northern Ireland Housing Executive and County Councils to meet identified need. Inspire Disability Services are delivered by highly trained, competent and skilled staff to meet the needs of individual service users.

Inspire Disability Services supports young people and adults with a Learning/Intellectual Disability (Service Users) to live as independently as possible within communities of their choice. Service Users are involved in planning all aspects of their lives and co-produce, design and evaluate their service provision. Service Users are offered support to become involved in a wide choice of productive day time, social, leisure, cultural and religious activities and are supported to fulfil their wishes and aspirations in all areas of their lives.  Service Users are supported to live healthy activity lives, to build confidence and self-esteem.

Inspire Disability Services provide support in the following areas:

           • Financial responsibility

           • Scheme charges

           • Household bills

           • Support in maintaining homes and living accommodation

           • Organising and providing support for holidays/absence from Scheme

           • Promote social inclusion and access to local services, facilities including leisure

           • Support independence through transport and independent travel

           • Promote and facilitate advocacy and empower residents and service users

           • Leisure

           • Encourage independent administration of medication, as per medical advice

           • Promote healthcare

           • Ensure protection from abuse

           • Promote positive risk assessment process to promote independence and fulfilling lives


Inspire Disability Service Objectives:

           • To deliver a high quality service that promotes, improves and sustains our Service Users' quality of life

           • To ensure staff are competent, responsible and trained to undertake the activities for which they are employed

           • To ensure Service Users are aware of the procedures for making complaints

           • To provide opportunities for Service User involvement within the organisation

           • To monitor services to ensure that the service is run in the best interests of Service Users

           • To work in partnership with service users and all relevant agencies and comply with all relevant statutory requirements
              for the provision of care services

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