Peter's Hill Testimonials


“Life has changed a lot for me since moving to Peter’s Hill. I get to go out and do a lot more activities. I am getting the chance to do some voluntary work which I am very excited about. I am enjoying having my own flat because I like keeping it tidy and I like being able to get peace and quiet when I want to. My favourite things to get involved with are the Black Box disco, ten pin bowling, and going to the cinema. I like helping the staff with jobs like painting the fence and doing dishes. I like being able to save my own money up. Living in Peter's Hill has given me a lot more independence and freedom and I have made lots of new friends.”
(David, a resident at Peter's Hill)

“I love Peter's Hill because it’s my home and the staff are very nice people. I like it here because you get to go out places everyday, like bowling, shopping, going for hot chocolate. I like it here because I always have company and I am never on my own. I like it and feel settled now. I love the activities and have a good laugh and craic in here. Staff talk to you and listen to you more”
(Lorraine, a resident at Peter's Hill)

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