Greenvale Registered Residential Home

Greenvale Residential Home is a single storey building which can accommodate up to 11 residents. It is situated in a quiet residential cul-de-sac area in Belfast. Greenvale provides high quality care and support whilst promoting independence and choice. Greenvale offers a safe and secure home for adults and older people with learning disabilities and complex needs.

Service User Involvement

At Greenvale we provide a range of activities and promote outings that are appropriate to each resident’s individual needs. Residents are encouraged to pursue activities which are stimulating, age appropriate and inclusive including:
      •Day opportunities
      • Arts and Crafts
      • Shopping
      • Arm Chair Aerobics
      • Music Therapy
      • Local community events
      • Outings
      • Gardening
      • Games
      • Jigsaws

Our aims are: 
     • To provide safe and effective care
     • To provide support and care appropriate to the level of need of each individual service user
     • To provide an environment which ensures that the residents who live in Greenvale are treated as individuals based on individual needs.
     • To meet physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of the residents who live in Greenvale in keeping with their age and ability.
     • To ensure that the residents who live here are treated with respect and dignity irrespective of age, disability, race and religion
     • To ensure the privacy of residents is promoted and maintained.
     • To promote family contact and involvement within the residents life
     • To promote social integration into the local community
     • To provide a structure for the residents which will enable them to adapt to their environment and to develop their lifestyles
     • To provide and promote an environment that understands disabilities and mental health needs and enabling the residents to enjoy a high quality lifestyle.

Where to find us:

21 Rossmore Drive

email:greenvale@inspirewellbeing .org

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