Service User Involvement

Inspire Disability Services is fully committed to meaningful Service User Participation and meaningful involvement in the Organisation at both a local and regional level. Inspire has always been fully committed to developing and supporting the empowerment of service users to play an active role in all aspects of service provision and delivery.

This strategy has at its centre the continued development of meaningful service user participation at all levels of the Organisation. This includes the ongoing involvement of service users at a local level. This could include taking responsibility for service user led sessions. Increasingly Inspire Disability Services will provide opportunities for service users to take on roles and responsibilities for service user led sessions.

The strategy envisages that this will continue to increase throughout our services and to ensure there are mechanisms in place for so doing. We envisage the participation of service users at Board level in strategic decision making about how services are planned, designed and delivered.

Inspire places considerable value on service user participation and believes it is core to delivering high-quality innovative services in partnership with those who avail of its services. We are committed to continuing this long tradition; hence the reason for this new Service User Participation strategy within Inspire Disability Services.


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