Amalgamating Inspire and Addiction NI brands

05 April 2017

As of the start of April 2017, we are starting to update branded 'marketing items' to more closely show the relationship between Inspire and Addiction NI.

Amalgamating Inspire and Addiction NI brands

Addiction NI has fast become an integral part of the services and support offered by Inspire that help us to achieve our vision of wellbeing for all.

Now that operational integration is nearing completion, it is time to integrate the Addiction NI and Inspire brands.

‘Recognition’ of the current Addiction NI brand is high, as is brand loyalty among all of its stakeholders, so we intend to incorporate it into the Inspire brand group in a phased process starting in April 2017.

During 2017/18, Addiction NI will operate with its new logo (shown below) in Northern Ireland, which will more actively reference its relationship as part of the Inspire group.

In the first quarter of 2017/18 (April - June 2017), we will then look at how best to present addiction-related services in Ireland as part of the overall Inspire service offering.

We anticipate that by March 2018, we will be at the stage where we will have a universal presentation style for all parts of Inspire activity in all geographic regions.

To help colleagues show the relationship between Inspire and Addiction NI, the External Affairs Department has developed a range of resources (including email signatures, stationary designs etc.), showing the joint relationship for you to use.

Can we ask that all Inspire and Addiction NI staff update their email signatures as soon as possible to reflect the new design, and also from the start of April 2017, when using stationary, can colleagues also switch over to the new designs that include Addiction NI.

Click Here to access these resources.


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